Multiple Teams · Coach Styes Sticks To A Wall For Charity

Freshman Football Head Coach Ricky Styes volunteered on Friday to help the Salem Student Congress Organization in a fundraiser they call “Stick It to the Staff.” 

Their cause? Collecting money to help the local Salvation Army during the holiday season. Students paid to participate in duct taping Coach Styes to a large pillar of the Salem Cafeteria. By the end of the third lunch, he was securely “stuck” to the wall.

“Student Congress works to support a number of great charities and causes during the school year.  During the holidays, I feel that there the Salvation Army does a great job making this season about giving and help others.  Volunteering to do this is the least that I can do to support our Student Congress and the Salvation Army at the same time.  I am glad that it went so well.  Also, I feel that this is a great ​way to build relationships with students.  Sometimes is it the silly and unexpected things that allow us teachers to break down barriers with students and let them know that we care.” – Coach Styes