Multiple Teams · Free Tutoring Available to Student-Athletes!

NHS Public Library Tutoring 2014-15_0

Did you know that college athletes get a lot of academic help?

It’s okay if you do too…most 4.0 students have a tutor at some point in high school.

Several options exist for students who need a little extra assistance in their classes:

  • National Honor Society tutors are at our public libraries on week nights.  See for the schedule.
  • Math Lab:  Students wishing additional help in mathematics may go to a Math Lab at Canton, Plymouth, or Salem during lunch. Students may take a bag lunch and work on problems with the supervising teachers and/or volunteers.
  • Writing Center:  The Writing Tutorial Center is open during all lunches. Students who need assistance with any kind of writing assignments are welcome to drop in. Peer tutors and English teachers conference with students and assist them in developing their writing skills.
  • Chemistry Lab:  Students in Chemistry (not Chemistry in the Community) can visit Canton room 174 during lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for assistance.
  • After-school assistance:  Got some time after school, maybe before practice?  Student athletes (in or out of season) may receive free tutoring in the Salem Library on Mondays and Tuesdays at 2:30 PM.