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Multiple Teams · Alumni Athlete Spotlight- Alex Kenrick

Alex Kenrick graduated from Salem in 2014 and just won GLIAC player of the week at Saginaw Valley State University. In his years at Salem he played football, basketball, and was a huge part of the rock family. His favorite memory was described as the lifelong friendships he made and in his junior year winning the first four games of their season. He says it was an experience he will never forget and sharing it with his best friends made it that much more memorable. His advice to other student athletes is to not take a moment for granted because as much as you hear it, it all goes by so quickly. He wishes he could go back and train different to better prepare for college. Also, practice more efficient study habits in high school so it was easier to adapt to the college student-athlete lifestyle. Alex said he chose to continue his football career because he really couldn’t picture his life without it. He loves everything about football and the competitive aspect is provides, he says when football is finally over it will be tough for him because of all the people he has met and memories he made.

When Alex was asked his biggest challenge he spoke about his role as a kicker and said, “For me personally, I believe the mental side of my position as a kicker is where you either succeed or fail. Sometimes it can be a challenge to deal with the adversity you face being a specialist because you have to have a different kind of mental strength than a lot of athletes. It is an extremely pressure packed position. But once I figured that part out, everything on the field with my kicks figured itself out. Being able to keep your confidence no matter what, and have a short memory, is the most challenging thing about being a kicker.”

When asked whether he would’ve guessed this is how his life would be he said he would’ve never even guessed he would even be playing football. He actually started out as a soccer player and didn’t get into football until the middle of freshman year. Alex said it wasn’t until after he went to his first kicking camp at The University of Michigan when he decided to make the change to football. Alex said he received the utmost support from his parents, Coach Britnell of Salem football, and Anna Britnell to decide football would be the place he could be most successful.

Alex is currently studying supply chain management and marketing and is looking forward to where the last few seasons of football takes him. He is excited to get his degree and see where he goes with his career without football. His favorite football memory in college, so far, has been when they played Walsh College week three of the season and Alex had his best game hitting all field goal attempts, kicking his personal best of 50 yards, and of course winning the game. The most important thing for him was that the team played so well and getting the job done. Alex describes himself as very superstitious and his game day ritual is extremely specific. He starts his day off at 7:00am following a big breakfast, rolling and stretching, and various activities before he gets to the field three hours before the team does to mentally and physically prepare himself to perform his best each game. The Salem rocks community wishes Alex Kenrick and the rest of Saginaw Valley State University good luck with the rest of the season.