Boys Varsity Hockey · Student Athlete Spotlight- Matt Schaumburger

Senior Matt Schaumburger, a two sport varsity athlete at Salem, has recently been recognized by his hockey coach for his performances in their recent games. He has been a formidable opponent for any team on the ice since his freshman season, and his final performances this year will be no exception.  In his games, over the past weekend alone, Matt scored five goals and added two assists to contribute to two big wins. While still working hard to score a high number of goals as an individual, this season, he would like to do everything in his power to help his team win as many games as possible.

His favorite memory so far this season has been beating Canton 5-0. Matt said, “The atmosphere was so intense because both teams had a lot to lose in front of their peers.  I had to stay mentally focused and just treat it like it was just another game.  I couldn’t let the added pressure of playing against friends affect my ability to lead the team.”

Matt says his favorite part about being a Salem student-athlete are the friendships he has made throughout his time and always knowing his team mates always have his back. Additionally, he enjoys the strong chemistry he shares with his fellow teammates.  “They are like brothers to me and knowing I won’t see all these guys next year will get even harder towards the end,” he said.

Before every game, Matt has a specific pregame ritual.  Arriving to the rink two hours before the puck drops; he first tapes his sticks, then gets ready to compete by playing some soccer, stretching, and completing a few sprints.  Then it’s time to get suited up and ready for the game.   

Together, the Salem boys varsity hockey team decided at the beginning of the season that they wanted to be park champions and win a state title. But, just as every athlete knows, it takes more than talk to just establish goals. They know they need to put in the work in order to make those goals a reality. With the start of the season different than what they may have liked, their hard work has started to pay off with two important victories over park rival Canton and South Lyon.  With continued hard work, determination, and the will to get better everyday, the Salem Athletic Department knows that Matt and his team will continue to be successful in the rest of their season. We wish them good luck and continued success!