Girls Varsity Cross Country · Salem High School Girls Varsity Cross Country scores 0 points at meet

Thursday, August 31, 2017

4:30 PM





Meet Recap

Beautiful weather at Huron Meadows Metropark for this non team scoring Early Bird Invitational. The girls ran great and earned a ton of hardware! Junior Hallie Younglas finished first for Salem (6th overall) in the Gold race with a fine time of 19:29.4 Freshman Esha Bingi won the JV race!

1st Competition is on Saturday September 9th at the Ramblin Rock Invitational at Willow Metropark

Hallie Younglas 19:29.4 6G Medal
Gabrielle Mancini 20:13.7 13G Medal
“C” Shea Wilson 20:16.9 15G Medal
Reagan Justice 20:25.3 17G Medal
Hannah Jeffress 20:29.8 21G Medal
Olivia Millen 20:42.8 24G Medal
Courtney White 20:48.0 28G Medal
Sophie Jeffers 20:59.6 31G Medal
Bridget Nelson 21:02.8 32G Medal
Jessica Hughes 21:09.5 38G Medal
Brooke Kalis 21:11.1 39G Medal
Lizzy lu 21:15.0 43G Medal
Madison Grant 21:28.2 50G Medal
Anna Kubinski 21:29.3 53G Medal
“C” Madallyn Simko 21:33.0 56G Medal
Marnie Waggoner 21:39.0 62G Medal

Esha Bingi 21:46.5 1R Medal
Kiersten McBride 22:07.2 2R Medal
Madeline LaForest 22:52.4 5R Medal
Elizabeth Maclellan 22:58.2 6R Medal
Margaret Neumaier 22:58.6 7R Medal
Grace Landon 23:00.3 8R Medal
Gwen Pratt 24:00.3 23R Medal
Mary Kelly 24:02.7 25R Medal
Lily Grelak 24:08.8 29R Medal
Keya Patel 24:13.7 32R Medal
Maddie Price 24:32.0 39R Medal
Gina Gumbel 24:54.0 50R Medal


School Place Points
Salem High School