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Girls Varsity Cross Country · Salem High School Girls Varsity Cross Country beat Churchill High School 15-50

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

4:30 PM

Churchill High School
Salem High School

Meet Recap

Salem vs Churchill Dual at Willow Metropark on Tuesday October 3rd

1st Salem 15pts
Places = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
2nd Churchill
Places = 8,9,10,11,12,13,14

Salem is now 4-0 in the Division

Hallie Younglas 20:36.2 1st
Reagan Justice 20:37.4 2nd
Gabrielle Mancini 20:44.3 3rd
Olivia Millen 21:02.8 4th
Shea Wilson 21:03.1 5th
Lizzy Lu 21:08.5 6th
Bridget Nelson 21:12.4 7th
Esha Bingi 21:29.1 9th
Jessica Hughes 21:33.1 10th
Hannah Jeffress 21:42.0 11th
Claudia Shuler 21:43.3 12th
Kiersten McBride 21:54.9 13th
“C” Charissa Johnson 22:15.3 14th
Courtney White 22:28.7 15th
Madison Grant 22:35.4 16th
Grace Landon 22:43.6 17th
“C” Madison Justice 22:51.9 18th
Marnie Waggoner 23:02.2 19th
Sophie Jeffers 23:22.3 20th
Brooke Kalis 23:37.6 21st
Madeline LaForest 23:40.8 22nd
Emma Strieter 23:54.8 23rd
Jessica Sepsey 24:16.9 24th
Gwen Pratt 24:36.7 25th
Kelly Nugent 24:47.5 26th
“C” Madalyn Simko 24:48.3 27th
Keya Patel 24:55.6 28th
Mary Kelly 24:59.9 29th
Gracie Gumbel 25:24.1 31st
Anna Kubinski 25:38.4 32nd
Maddie Price 25:58.1 33rd
Lily Grelak 26:27.1 34th
Cameron Lindsay 26:41.1 35th
Mary Andrews 26:50.6 36th
Margaret Neumaier 27:19.6 37th
Zuri Dukes 27:21.6 38th
Sindhu Nalamothu 27:24.9 40th
Aalaynah Nathoo 27:35.3 41st
Gina Gumbel 27:39.7 42nd

Coach Dave Gerlach’s Comments: ” The temperature spiked again today into the mid 80’s which made it difficult. The girls knew going in that this was another “take care of business” day against a Churchill team. Churchill is a well coached team but their numbers are down and they had a few injuries. We went in with the strategy of pace running with their top two runners and then working as a unit through the finish. The girls followed the script and won the competition. This puts Salem at 4-0 in the division.”