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Multiple Teams · Alumni-Athlete Spotlight: Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks was a member of the Salem Class of 2017 and will be featured in this week’s Alumni Athlete Spotlight! He played baseball as a Rock and has gone on to play in college at Northern Illinois University. Matt says playing in college is a lot more time consuming than high school and requires him to be very dedicated to the sport. At times it can get stressful, but it’s a great experience to be a college athlete. Matt decided to play at the next level because he wasn’t ready to give up the sport he loved and had been playing his entire life. His favorite thing about Northern Illinois University is getting a fresh start and meeting lots of new people. The biggest challenge Matt has faced is being on his own and making his own decisions, but Salem Athletics has helped him prepare for this by developing time management skills and leadership.  

Looking back at his high school experience, Matt would advise current students to take their classes seriously to prepare for college. He would also tell current athletes to never let negativity from others bring you down. Instead, use it as your motivation to become better. Matt’s favorite memory from Salem Baseball was bonding with his team and building close relationships. Brian Samulski is what he misses most about Salem Athletics. Good luck to Matt in the rest of his freshman year at Northern Illinois University!