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Multiple Teams · Alumni-Athlete Spotlight: Skylar Brant

Our next Alumni Athlete being spotlighted is Skylar Brant! Skylar played four years of Salem Varsity Soccer and is currently playing as a freshman at University of Southern Indiana. She’s enjoying getting to play the sport she loves in college, along with having a lot more freedom than in high school. Skylar describes the college game as faster paced and much more competitive. Every single player at the next level is skilled, strong, and quick. Skylar worked extremely hard throughout high school to fulfill her dream of being a college athlete. Her biggest challenge so far this year has been managing school and soccer, both of which are very demanding.

Salem Athletics helped her prepare for college by teaching her the importance of leadership and teamwork. Skylar misses the feeling of getting to step out on the field at Salem with her friends by her side. She always enjoyed the great atmosphere that Salem Girls Soccer and the athletic department had. Skylar’s favorite memory as a Rock was beating Northville and Novi her senior year. These were huge victories because Salem had not beat them in years and those games helped to raise the bar for the team, as well as give them more confidence. If she could go back, Skylar says she would’ve gotten more involved in high school. Her advice to current athletes is to enjoy the game and have fun. Nothing is better than getting to play for your school with all of your best friends. Salem Athletics wishes Skylar a great finish to her season and freshman year at University of Southern Indiana!