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Girls Junior Varsity Golf, Girls Varsity Golf · Student-Athlete Spotlight: Ryleigh Reed

The next Student Athlete Spotlight will be on Ryleigh Reed, a member of the golf team! She’s been playing golf for four years and has been making big improvements this season. Ryleigh’s goals at the start of the year were to break 100 and 50, but she now hopes to break 95 and 45. The golf team has been having a good season so far and they have made the year even better by growing closer as a team. Their biggest victory was the match against Canton and Grand Blanc when Salem beat both teams.  A challenge that Ryleigh has faced this year is staying focused and really putting in the time to become a better player. The golf season is shorter than most so she looks forward to getting to compete at Regionals soon. This will be a chance for the team to redeem themselves after having a rough time the last time they played the course that Regionals is held at.

reed pic 2

Ryleigh’s favorite moment this season was leading the Varsity team in a tournament with her best 18 hole score. She makes sure her teammates are always excited to play while still staying focused. After high school, Ryleigh is interested in possibly continuing playing golf in college because there are a lot of great scholarship opportunities to do so. Her favorite part of Salem Athletics is the welcoming environment and athletes.  As an underclassman, she loves being included in making a difference in the athletic program through SOSA, because she gets to be a part of something bigger than just her own team.