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Girls Varsity Cross Country · Salem Girls Varsity XC – 3rd place @ Conference Final

Thursday, October 19, 2017

4:30 PM





Meet Recap

Conference Finals at Huron Meadows Metropark on Thursday October 19th

Reagan Justice 19:22.9 12th Medal Winner
Olivia Millen 19:34.9 18th Medal Winner
Gabrielle Mancini 19:41.3 23rd Medal Winner
Hallie Younglas 19:48.4 24th Medal Winner
Shea Wilson 19:54.6 27th Medal Winner
Bridget Nelson 20:17.9 31st
Hannah Jeffress 21:00.1 47th


Jessica Hughes 19:52.5 2nd JV
Madison Grant 20:26.1 5th JV
Lizzy Lu 20:47.5 6th JV
Claudia Shuler 20:49.6 7th JV
Marnie Waggoner 21:01.2 9th JV
Esha Bingi 21:06.5 10th JV


1st NORTHVILLE – 27pts
2nd BRIGHTON – 50 pts
3rd SALEM – 98 pts
4th PLYMOUTH – 153 pts
5th GRAND BLANC – 176 pts
6th CHURCHILL – 190 pts
7th HARTLAND – 192 pts
8th STEVENSON – 204 pts
9th FRANKLIN – 212 pts
10th CANTON – 242 pts
11th NOVI – 249 pts
12th HOWELL – 327 pts
13th WAYNE – 378 pts
14th JOHN GLENN – 444 pts


Coach Dave Gerlach’s Comments: “Beautiful day for racing at the conference meet. We knew coming in that Northville being ranked #2 in Division 1 was pretty much untouchable. The team we had our sights on to beat was Brighton. Our girls ran a terrific first mile and were in a position to do some damage. However several of our top seven really faded in the last two miles. As the head coach, I am responsible to have these girls ready to roll and I am looking at our past week of workouts. I am not one to make excuses, but we had a few illnesses in the past week and a major distraction after a transportation issue had us arriving over 2 1/2 hours before our race. We looked a bit lethargic and unfocused at race time. Even with that, Reagan (9), Olivia (9) and Gabby (11) ran terrific races. Reagan is “tough as nails” with the tenacity of an upper classman. Olivia is another freshman that has worked hard and made a huge impact already. Gabby ran the race I have been waiting for. Gabby ran a bit more aggressive first mile and competed with passion through the finish. They were on a mission and had that look in their eye of success desire. As a coach I have been disappointed in our varsity consistency. We will have 3 girls run great one week and then 4 the next. If I could wave a magic wand and have all seven run terrific on the same day, we have the potential to be a very good team. The JV came to compete today. Scoring the JV race, Salem would have won. There were many personal best races today, including a terrific race by senior Jessica Hughes (19:52.5 – 2nd Place). We had three JV runners take off with that look in their eye for success. I was extremely happy with the way our JV competed today and very happy for Jessica on a career PR after working so hard over the past 4 years.”


School Place Points
Salem High School