Rocks News · John the Trainer Spotlight

This week we will have a special edition spotlight featuring none other than John Selinski, everyone’s favorite trainer! John’s favorite part of Salem Athletics is all the people he gets to work alongside. The players, coaches, and colleagues are what make his job enjoyable. Like all of our student-athletes, John has to be ready on game day. His game day rituals include making sure there is water and injury ice out for each event, communicating with all of the coaches, and making sure his kit is fully supplied in case of an emergency. The toughest part of his job is when there are lots of events going on at the same time in different places. John became an athletic trainer because he grew up playing sports, and wanted to stay involved while also being in the medical field. He likes the fall the most because football and boys soccer are both in season, and a new year is always exciting. If he could add one sport to Salem it would be water polo or ultimate frisbee. Anna and Brian have lovingly nicknamed John “the GOAT,” but more frequently refer to him as “Whiny Pants.” John says that his favorite Salem athletes are the ones that bring him food. He also loves the days when he can convince Anna and Brian to buy him food. John feels that he should be a part of Brian’s “inner circle” and hopes that in the future he will be able to attain that status.