Girls Varsity Gymnastics · Student-Athlete Spotlight: Camryn Moyers

The next student-athlete spotlight will be featuring Camryn Moyers! She has been doing gymnastics since she was four and is now finishing up another season as a Rock. Camryn has been doing well this year on floor and bars in addition to being very consistent on beam lately. Going into the season, her goals were to become more consistent in each event as well as making it individually to states. Camryn looks forward to continuing to improve and getting new skills. Her team is also hoping to qualify for states as a team. The Rocks’ biggest victory this year was at the Canton Invite when they placed second in their region and fifth at the meet. Camryn’s favorite moment this season was also at that meet when all the teams got up and danced on the floor together to the Cupid Shuffle. The toughest part of her season has been getting down on herself after a bad meet, but gymnastics has taught her that it’s important to get back up and try again because gymnastics is all about confidence. Camryn’s favorite part of Salem Athletics is how supportive everyone is. She loves attending different sporting events that she wouldn’t have gone to in the past. Good luck to Camryn and the rest of her team throughout the remainder of the season!