Rocks News · SOSA visits Smith!

On February 13, members of the Student Organization of Salem Athletics traveled to Smith Elementary to surprise Mrs Justice, Mrs Martin, and Mrs Gallagher’s kindergarten classes.

The Student Organization of Salem Athletics interacts with K-5 students throughout the year: Reading with Rocks, Trick or Treat with the Rocks, Salem All Sport Youth Camp. For Valentine’s Day, SOSA decided to make Valentines for Smith Elementary kindergartners. Each Valentine had a photo and a message from one of the SOSA members.

The students were surprised to see a few of Salem’s student athletes walk into their classroom. The SOSA members introduced themselves and the sports they played, talking to the kindergartners about which sports were their favorites.

Mrs. Justice enjoyed the surprise as well, “the kindergartners at Smith Elementary LOVED the visit from the Salem Student Athletes and Mrs. Britnell.  It was fun to hear what sport each of them played and the kindergartners were thrilled to get a homemade Valentine about a student athlete. (Of course, they liked getting the lollipop from Trevor too!)  In addition to the Valentine, they got to give fist pumps to each athlete.  It was an awesome visit.  They also visited the other two kindergarten classrooms.”

“My favorite part was getting to go back to the same kindergarten class I was in 12 years ago,” says senior Maddie Kernahan. SOSA hopes to expand their interaction with the district’s elementary schools, coming up with new events to do each year.