Rocks News · JV Wrestling Wins Home Tournament!

The JV Salem Wrestling Team won their home Tournament Saturday December 22nd.  There were 22 teams in attendance.    Salem was 1st, Dundee 2nd, Hartland 3rd, Rochester Adams 4th and Detroit Catholic Central was 5th.  Salem had 12 of 14 scoring wrestlers place top 8 lead by 4 champs ( Warren Cox 215,  Connor Armstrong 125, Ryan Sheppard 130, and Dustin Murphy 140),  a 2nd place effort by Dontez Gipson at HWT, and 4 3rd place finishes by Brenden Best 160, Dev Kundjadia 135, Ash Mewha 145 and Kaden Cushman 119.  Others that placed top 8 were Sean Barnett 152 4th, Gabe Rosas 171 5th, Cody Tank 103 7th, Dylan Fleming 103 6th, Jayden Wyrybkowski 119 6th.


“This is the first time in a while that we have had a full line up of JV kids.  Usually your going to do well when you can score 14 kids at a JV tournament so we knew we had a good shot going into Saturday.  That being said it was nice to see a bunch of young kids step up and get bonus points and learn how to win Saturday tournaments!  Good news for the teams depth this year and varsity in the coming years as 11 of the 16 top 8 placers are underclassman.  It is awesome having some good momentum going into our Varsity Elks tournament next week.  No doubt these young guys will keep pushing the varsity and making them better everyday! – Head Coach Jeremy Henderson


Records/Results for the day!


103 Raj Garcha 0-2

103 Cody Tank 2-2 7th

103 Dylan Fleming 2-2 6th

112 Nick Dosh 1-2

119 Kaden Cushman 3-1 3rd

119 Jayden Wyrybkowski 2-2 6th

125 Connor Armstrong 4-0 CHAMP

130 Connor Smith 1-2 7th

130 Ryan Sheppard 3-0 CHAMP

135 Dev Kunjadia 3-1 3rd

140 Dustin Murphy 4-0 CHAMP

140 Sahil Patel 0-2

145 Ash Mewha 3-1 3rd

152 Connor Sugrue 1-2

152 Sean Barnett 2-2 4th

160 Brenden Best 3-1 3rd

160 Mo Abed 1-2

171 Gabe Rosas 3-1 3rd

189 Sammy Ghadieh 3-1

215 Warren Cox 3-0 CHAMP

HWT Dontez Gipson 2-1 2nd