Rocks News · Wrestling has 3 District Champs, 6 Regional Qualifiers!

The Salem Wrestling Team qualified 6 our of 14 wrestlers for the Individual Regional Tournament Saturday at Saline.  You have to take top 4 out of the weight class to qualify.


“6 ties the most I  have had in my career as a coach here, but 3 champs, I only remember only having one champ a couple times during my coaching tenure.  It was awesome, and I feel like after the first guy won, everyone wanted to win, we only had one guy lose during the placing round and he almost won.  Our 3 champs, DaQuan Baker (119), Collin Schultz (125) and JaQuan Baker (171), now qualified to be on our “Salem Wrestling Wall of Fame”.  Believe me, the moment you step in this room you see that wall, you think of that wall, you want to be on that wall!  I know, it was the first thing I thought of when I entered the room in 2002-2003 as a freshmen.  Making that wall means you are up there forever, you have to be a League, District, Regional Champ, or qualify to go to states/place at states to make the wall.  It means you have done something extraordinary.  Max Hirvela (130) and Brennen McNeal (285) took 3rd and Justin Pronyk (215) took 4th.  Justin was so close to winning his last match vs a tough 40-5 senior, as a sophomore at a weight class up, Justin is the real deal.  Max and Brennen also had good days.  I can see all 6 of these guys qualifying next Saturday for States! I have no doubt that these 6 and the team will keep the momentum going, they have proved it all year, as long as they believe in themselves, good things will happen! -Head Coach Jeremy Henderson