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Who Went  on to Compete in College?

Nicole Bolton at Central Michigan University
Leah Retherford at University of Michigan
Mari Disbrow at Michigan State University
Vanessa Bodnar at Western Michigan University
Sarah Sweiczkowski at Schoolcraft
Kim Mason at Northern Michigan University
Katie Dondzila at Schoolcraft College
Lianne Griffiths at Aquinas College
Aisha Chappell at University of Michigan
Erin Jensen at U.S.M.A – West Point Academy
Lauren Kane at Central Michigan University
Laura Friedman at Wayne State University
Danielle Malone at Schoolcraft / Wayne State
Nicole Widak at Schoolcraft/ Wayne State
Allison Janda at Bucknell
Amanda Kassem at Schoolcraft
Jessica Rocheleau at Western Michigan University
Mariam Mroueh at Schoolcraft College
Adrianna Beltran at Schoolcraft & Concordia College
Alejandra Beltran at Siena Heights
Shannon Flynn at Northern Michigan University
Natasha Stevenson at Cleary University
Kayla Kavulich at Michigan State University
Lauren Arquette at Kalamazoo College
Kayla Hughes at University of Detroit
Kayla DelaCruz at University of Michigan Dearborn
Shea Wilson at Ferris State University
Hannah Jeffress at Concordia (Ann Arbor) University
Claudia Shuler at U of M – Dearborn

Who went on to Coach a team?
Nicole Schramski at Salem, Holt and Wharton in Tampa, FL
Lauren Kane at Salem
Becky Phelan at 
Cayna Carnes at
Aisha Chappell at Wheels Middle/ High School
Laura Friedman at Salem

Who Ran a Marathon?
Nicole Bolton finished the Detroit, Chicago, Disney, Boston, Bayshore
& Gasparilla Marathons

Abbie Shaw finish the Martian Marathon
Erin Jensen finished the Richmond & Boston (2) Marathons
Aisha Chappell finished the New York City Marathon
Jamie Vraniak finished the Chicago Marathon
Jennifer Kassem finished the Chicago Marathon
Jill Grey finished the Chicago Marathon
Brynne DeNeen finished the Dublin, Ireland Marathon
Dawn Cushman finished the San Diego Marathon
Sarah Shipley (Swieczkowski) finished the Detroit Free Press (2),
Chicago, Gasparilla & Boston Marathons
Aisha Chappell finished the Chicago Marathon and Lake Placid Iron Man
Jill Danek finished the Detroit Free Press Marathon (2)
Vanessa Bodnar finished the Boston (2), Notre Dame, Cleveland, 
Columbus & Chicago (4) Marathons
Jenny Dattilio finished the Minnesota, Chicago, Gasparilla and Boston Marathons
Lauren Kane finished the Detroit Free Press Marathon
Erin Lang finished the Bizz Johnson Marathon
Nicole Widak finished the Chicago Marathon
Kortney Marsh finished the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Chelsea Baldwin finished the Chicago Marathon
Allie Vraniak finish the Kalamazoo Marathon
Emily Willer finished the Detroit Free Press Marathon
Autumn Burin finished the Boston & Detroit Free Press Marathon

Who is Married & When?
Nicole Bolton married Tom Schramski on September 2, 2000
Vanessa Bodnar married Ron Adelman on December 18, 2004
Sarah Swieczkowski married Phil Shipley on July 31, 2004
Rachel Jones married Jason Rutter on
Brynne DeNeen married Will Sierzchula on
Becky Phelan married Ryan Ossenmacher on July 17, 2004
Heather Whittington married on October 18, 2006
Mari Disbrow married Ben Kroeger on October 21, 2006
Jill Grey married Kevin Schopieray on
Erin Jensen married Justin Foley on March 21, 2009
Stephanie Hajduk married  Guimond on August 15, 2009

Who Has Kids?
Nicole Schramski (Bolton) Girl Named Payton Rose on April 22, 2004
Boy named Parker on February 13, 2007
Abby Shaw Boy Named Noah on         , 2005
Jenny Dattilio Boy Named Carter on June 6, 2009
Brynne (DeNeen) Sierzchula Girl named Fenna
Vanessa (Bodnar) Adelman Girl Named Alexis Caroline on May 2, 2009

Alumni Competing at 2014 Spartan Invite

Pictured: Kayla Kavulich, Shannon Flynn, Natasha Stevenson, Adrianna Beltran