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Booster Club Info

Salem Girls Cross Country Does Not Have a True Booster Club.
The Leadership team which consists of Coaches, Captain and Captains parents will be in charge of fundraising money for the team, providing assistance at the multiple competition hosting opportunities & alumni relations.

Do you still have memories of Salem Girls Cross Country?
Do you ever find your self saying “I used to do this in Salem XC” ?

Do you remember the weird things Coach Dave used to say? 

Was Salem Girls XC a positive experience in your life?

Salem Girls XC Fundraising Breakdown:
Summer Fundraising Profits (May, June, July)
Directly back to athlete toward Training Camp or Clothing Order Costs.
Season Fundraising Profits (August, September, October)
Back to athlete toward $40 fundraising donation & banquet tickets.
Post Season Fundraising Profits (November – April)
Back into general team account.

Athlete Fundraising Opportunities
(Proceeds may go toward Any of the Athletes Costs Listed below except Pay to Play)

Captain’s Bottle Drives     Car Washes     14 Hour Relay
(Earnings to Athlete Camp Cost)

Team Fundraising
(Proceeds go toward Team Costs Listed Below)

Ramblin’ Rock Cross Country Invite     Wayne County Championship     QSP Magazine Sale

Athletes Costs
P.C.C.S Athletics “Pay to Play” Program = $385.00 (One time per year fee)
Salem Girls Cross Country Organization Fundraising Donation = $50.00
Team Training Camp (If choose to attend) = $225.00 
Team Clothing Order = $ ???

Team Costs
Website Upkeep & Costs     Additional Assistant Coach     Miscellaneous Equipment     
Coaches Camp Cost
Summer Training Tank Tops     Team & Alumni Picnic Stuff     Bumper Stickers     

Banquet Awards and Gifts
Banquet Awards, gifts, decorations and food     Team & Alumni Flowers for Different Occasions
Food at different functions

Here’s the Bottom Line:
We are launching our new fundraising website called
What is Salem CC Rewards?
It is an online shopping network that benefits the shopper and the XC program.
1.     The shopper receives cash back anytime a purchase is made.
2.     The shopper has access to additional shopping savings, and
3.     The XC program makes money every time a shopper makes a purchase!!!
·       Supporters will have access to many of the stores they are already shopping at, 
at the same prices they get in the stores.
Stores like Walmart, Target, Expedia, Best Buy, & thousands more available.
·       We are launching this website by sending out emails.
·       We are asking the players/students to collect 30 emails each.
·       The email contacts will be asked to donate to our program and in exchange they will be 
given a Salem CC Rewards Gold Membership ($30 Value).           
See the value of the membership @
·       The entire fundraiser is self-contained using text, email, and  social media.
With rewards 365 we are excited to build our support base and pass on cashback and savings to you.  If you have questions about this new program, contact me.  

But please visit the site first; you have to see it!