Team: Salem Girls Varsity Cross Country Program
Position: Head Coach
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Head Coach – 26th Season
Coach Dave has been running competitively since the age of ten under the guidance of his Dad and high school cross country coach, John. Coach Dave ran Cross Country and Track at Lutheran Westland High School where he qualified for the State Finals in cross country all four years. Coach Dave went on to Eastern Michigan University and ran cross country and track for one year. Coach Dave still enjoys working out or recreational old man jogging once in a while, but his knees and old age have limited the distance and speed.  Coach Dave is currently employed as a physical education teacher at Salem & Canton High School. Coach Dave is currently living in the Canton community with his daughter Emilee. Emilee is a beautiful seventeen year old young lady who loves a variety of things including the sport of fastpitch softball.  Emilee has been overheard saying “running is not her thing” but her father still holds out hope for her state XC title.  Emilee currently attends that “red” school across the creek. Coach Dave loves his opportunity to coach and mentor the Salem cross country girls toward their goals and create a program that maximizes all athletes levels of potential.

State Finals Team Qualifiers:
1996 – 12th Place
2003 – 16th Place
2004 – 10th Place
2005 – 16th Place
2009 – 8th Place
2010 – 10th Place
2012 –  8th Place
2013 – 10th Place
2014 – 11th Place
2015 – 15th Place
2016 – 18th Place
2017 – 18th Place
2018 – 10th Place
2019 – 14th Place
2020 – ???

Regional Champions:
KLAA Division Champions:

KLAA Kensington Conference Champions:
P.C.E.P. XC City Champions:
2002     2003

2004     2005
2006     2009
2010     2011
2012     2013

2014     2015
2016     2017
2018     2019

P.C.E.P. Career Head to Head Against:
109 Wins & 24 Losses
73 Wins & 17 Losses
Observer Newspaper XC “Coach of the Year”
2004   2009   2012
2014   2015


Team: Salem Girls Cross Country
Position: Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach – 5th Season 
Coach Angela ran Cross Country and played softball at Notre Dame Academy High School in Toledo, OH. She went to Siena Heights University on a softball scholarship and continued her love of running. Angela has coached track at Ladywood high school in Livonia.  Coach Angela has accomplished a ton in her running career. She has completed multiple half marathons, 76 marathons, 12 ultra marathons and many many 5K -10K races.  Coach Angela lives in Canton, works at Gazelle Sports and is always training for her next big race. Coach Angela gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Stella. She was born with running shoes on her feet already preparing for her State Championship in 2030.  Coach Angela has four kids (Madison, Tyler, Reagan, Stella) and a pretty cool dude husband named Rob. Madison just started her freshman year at that weird school down south … Ohio State. Running is a passion for Angela and she is eager to provide help to others for the sport.


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