Attendance is an absolute must in a TEAM sport such as cross country. Commitment is taken very seriously and your attendance not only includes practices and competitions, but staying for the duration of the  entire practice or competition. Poor or inconsistent attendance not only impacts your conditioning, but also poses a serious threat  to camaraderie, dependability and teamwork that is developed in the common struggles overcome in workouts.  These skills are not only crucial to the success of our team, but are also lifetime skills that make interscholastic athletics so valuable. If you miss a day of practice you need to bring in a note from your parents explaining where you were. Missing practice for any other reason besides family business, death in the family, make up exam, severe illness, or other excused reasons may result in suspension from one race or loss of varsity points. Missing practice, you are expected to still workout under the supervision of your parents if you have an excused absence other than illness. Missing a meet for any reason other than the above or items cleared through the coach may result in suspension for one race and loss of varsity points. Additional infractions will result in more severe consequences. Athletes that are absent from practice the day before a competition without a written excuse and without doing training workout, may not race. Missing more than two competitions will result in dismissal from the team. You are expected as a member of this team to attend all practices and competitions. Commitment is taken very seriously. If you are injured and still a team member, you need to be present at competitions and practices unless cleared by a coach. It is not fair to the rest of the team that was at practice doing the work.

2020 Summer Attendance
Summer Conditioning (June 10-August 7) with the team is not mandatoryg


2020 Season Attendance

Mandatory Practice (August 12-November 1)

Team Policy on Missing Practices
3 Absences = Probation     5 Absences = Dismissal from Team
7 Tardies = Probation     10 Tardies = Dismissal from Team

Parental or Teacher Note must be written before athlete will be allowed  back into practice after missing a practice.  If an athlete does not practice the day before a meet, they do not compete in the competition the following day.  If an athlete is not in school the day of a competition they do not compete in the meet. If an athlete is injured they still need to be present at the meet to cheer and help out. An athlete may not miss any competitions unless cleared by the coaching staff. Please remember that Pride, tradition, competition, friendship, commitment and hard work are the building blocks for a successful team. This team will be run with discipline and organization for the betterment of the organization of Salem Women’s Cross Country. If you cannot handle being part of this type of program do not join this team.   We are not a recreation program – We are a Varsity High School Team.

We will work together to achieve team pride and respect!
Nobody who ever gave her best regretted it!
Most athletes look up and admire the stars, a champion climbs a mountain and grabs one!
“The name on the front of your jersey is more important than the name on the back”

Together Each Achieves More