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What is the Sport of Cross Country?
Cross Country is competitive distance running conducted over grassy, hilly, terrain with courses of
3.1 miles, 5 kilometers or 5,000 meters in high school.
It is a varsity team sport in which the first five competitors to cross the finish line from each team score for their respective team.
Low score wins with fifteen points being the lowest score possible.

Why Join Salem Cross Country?

Fun Teammates          Training Camp          Team Dinners
Varsity Letter          Training Camp          Cool Coaches
14 Hour Relay          One Big Family          Competitive
Challenging          Rewarding          Team Apparel
Tradition of Excellence          Fundraisers
Cool Nike Uniforms          Pasta Parties          Successful
Car Washes          Bottle Drives
Lifelong Friendships          Get into shape

 What Salem Cross Country Expects of Athletes?

* Never quit on yourself or team     * Attend practice
* Train during off-season     * Help coach and team where needed
* Support teammates     * Listen to Coaches
* Stay positive even in tough times     * Participate in community service
* Contribute to all aspects of the team     * Be careful and safe
* Have a passion for aport     * Keep summer training long
* Positive academic standing     * During season, XC comes first
* Have fun and team unity     * Lift weights and core train
* Think before you act     * Be humble in victory
* Respect coaches, teammates, parents, and defeats
* Learn from defeat     * Follow team and school rules
* Take pride in school     * Compete to the best of your ability
* Eat properly     * Give 110%
* Train after competitions     * Act in a rock solid manor
* Attend meetings     * Be a positive role model     * Fundraise

Salem Girls Cross Country Foundation
Pride – Honor – Friendship – Competitiveness – Tradition – Excellence
We will work together to achieve team pride & respect.
You have what it takes, but are you up for a challenge?
Together Each Achieves More

KLAA Conference Alignment from 2018 to Present
League Adjusted in 2018

K.L.A.A.   Sports

East Division
Livonia Stevenson          Livonia Franklin
Livonia Churchill          Belleville
Dearborn          Fordson
John Glenn          
Wayne Memorial

West Division
Salem          Canton
Plymouth          Brighton
Hartland          Howell
Novi          Northville