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YMCA Camp Nissokone in Oscoda Twp., MI

Sunday August 9th – Friday August 14th, 2020

6836 F-41 Oscoda, MI 48750   1-989-739-2801


Current  Camp  Weather

The 2020 Training Camp Fee of $250 ($250 instruction, room & board)

(Transportation not included) plus athletes Physical and all other Medical Forms and Permission Slips are due to Coach Dave Gerlach no later than 12:00pm on Saturday August 1, 2020. Official Camp Sign Up will be at the P.C.E.P Varsity Track Complex starting at 9:15am. Money and Forms can be given to Coach Gerlach prior to Saturday August 1, 2020. Siblings that attend camp at the same time will receive a $10 discount per athlete made possible by team fundraising. Training camp 2020 is from Sunday August 9th (Departure) 9:00am until Friday August 14th (Return). Arrive in Salem parking lot at 8:30am to load vehicles. Short parent meeting at 8:45am. Training camp is totally optional and non participation in training camp will not affect team status. Camp is a privilege, not a right! Athletes will earn that privilege by completing training requirements over the summer. Athletes must log 130.2 miles of summer training, attend at least one “Fitness Check”, run 4 miles under 40 minutes or a Cass Benton “Fitness Check” under 30 minutes and turn in ALL paperwork by August 1st at the 14 hour relay. Camp is limited to 40 Salem Girl Athletes due to housing constraints.

XC Training Camp Teams Attending 2020

Salem Girls
(Staying in Cabins #13, 14, 15, 16)
Salem Boys
(Staying in Theater Basement)
Hartland Girls
(Staying in Cabin #20)
Hartland Boys
(Staying in Cabins #18, 19, 21)
(Staying in Cabin #19 Females  &  Cabin #17 Males)

Training Camp 2020

 Information                    Daily Agenda


Training camp is for Athletes to train 
and get prepared for the running competition season. Camp is totally optional. Coaches and YMCA Camp Nissokone staff will be chaperons. All athletes will have the same Varsity opportunities whether they attend or not. Athletes may end their stay whenever they wish, but no refunds will be given.

YMCA Camp Nissokone Directions and Maps

YMCA Camp Nissokone Website         Virtual Map

Camp Map               Location Map

6836 F-41 Oscoda, MI 48750   1-989-739-2801

(Directions to YMCA Camp Nissokone from Salem H.S.)
(Approximately 189 miles or 3 ½ hours)

Take Joy Road (West) to Beck (Turn Right-North). Take Northbound Beck to I-96 West (Entrance On Left). Take I-96 West for 22 miles  and merge onto US-23 North (Flint). Take US-23/ I-75 North for 104 miles (Rest Areas @) and merge (left) onto US-23 North (Exit #188) toward Standish/ Alpena. Travel US-23 North for 17 ½ miles and US-23 will turn into West Huron Rd. Travel 12 ½ miles and West Huron Rd becomes US-23 North. Travel 25 miles and turn left onto F-41 Rd. Travel F-41 Rd for 4 ½ miles. Look for YMCA Camp Nissokone sign on left side. Turn left into YMCA Camp Nissokone driveway.

Full Training Camp Roster

 Boys                    Girls

Coaches                    Pace  Groups – Girls

Parents who wish to visit their athlete may do so with the understanding that they will not be allowed to spend the night.  Meal fees will apply and must be cleared through the coach chaperons. Other individuals wishing to attend will only be allowed if space is available with the above understanding. No distractions in the team building and training process will be tolerated.

Salem Camp Roster


Cabin “A” Captain 
Room Theme: 
Cabin “B”  Captain 
Room Theme: 
Cabin “C” Captain 
Room Theme: 
Cabin “D” Captain 
Room Theme: 

Due to supervision & liability issues, runners must be able to run four miles under forty minutes or a Cass Benton “Fitness Check” under 30 minutes. Due to the intensity of the training camp, athletes must log at least 130.2 miles of training over the summer to attend. Athletes must attend at least one “fitness check” over the summer. Space limited to forty athletes due to housing constraints.

Individual Camp Cost

 Fundraising  Results
Camp fee discounted $10 for each sibling attending camp at the same time.

Camp Driver Information

 Volunteer To Drive

Extras and Activity Sheets

Daily  Options
Sign Ups will take place at camp.
Please be polite and  make sure you attend any session you sign up for so know one misses out of that opportunity.

2020 Training Camp Shirt Designs

 Front               Back


P.C.C.S. Field Trip Consent Form

Must be filled out in order to attend YMCA Camp Nissokone

Salem Camp Attendance Permission

Must be filled out in order to attend YMCA Camp Nissokone.

Field Trip Private Vehicle Permission Form

Must be filled out in order to attend YMCA Camp Nissokone.
Copy of drivers license
and proof of insurance needed for adult drivers.

Camp Private Driver ICHAT

All Volunteer Drivers Must Fill Out!

Camper Release & Medication Permission Form

Must be filled out in order to attend YMCA Camp Nissokone.

Swimming Permission Form

Must be filled out in order to attend YMCA Camp Nissokone.

General YMCA Camp Nissokone Waiver

Must be filled out in order to attend YMCA Camp Nissokone.
Covers all of Camp and activities.

Summer Mileage Chart

Click on Bottom Tabs in Document for previous years times. Mileage emailed to Coach Gerlach every Sunday during the summer. Due to supervision & liability issues,runners must be able to run four miles under forty minutes or a Cass Benton “Fitness Check” under 30 minutes. Due to the intensity of the training camp, athletes must log at least 130.2 miles of training and attend at least one “Fitness Check” over the summer to attend.

Training Camp Cabin Race Results

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Other Results

8 Mile Run