Girls Varsity Cross Country · Salem Girls XC “Sweeps” Gold Division Double Dual with Perfect Score

  Place Points
Salem High School 1st 15


SALEM finished 1st out of 3 teams
1st SALEM = 15pts (1,2,3,4,5,6,8)
2nd HARTLAND = 49pts (7,9,10,11,12,13,14)

1st SALEM = 15pts (1,2,3,4,5,7,8)
2nd NOVI = 48pts (6,9,10,11,12,13,14)

Reagan Justice 19:23 1st
Olivia Millen 20:02 2nd
Kiersten McBride 20:12 3rd
Bridget Nelson 20:22 4th
Hallie Younglas 20:28 5th
Marissa Henry 20:33 7th
Gabrielle Mancini 20:41 9th
Grace Landon 21:22 12th
Esha Bingi 21:23 13th
Brooke Kalis 21:36 14th
Madison Grant 21:40 15th
Lizzy Lu 21:57 17th
Sophie Jeffers 22:10 19th
Megan Kelly 22:23 21st
Anna Kubinski 22:24 22nd
Elizabeth MacLellen 22:25 23th
Marnie Waggoner 22:48 27th
Madeline LaForest 22:51 28th
Maddie Price 22:52 29th
Zoe Kerr 22:57 30th
Ava Hughes 23:09 32nd
Anna Swisher 23:10 33rd
Claudia Shuler 23:23 34th
Sola Mehwa 23:28 38th
Iris Ding 23:29 39th
Gwen Pratt 23:33 41st
Elena Wheeler 23:43 48th
Mya Kim 24:00 50th
Mary Kelly 24:05 51st
Samantha Rousseau 24:10 52nd
Mary Andrews 24:21 54th
Kylie Machacek 24:22 55th
Abby Marthaler 24:29 59th
Jennah Samelko 24:34 62nd
Camryn Moyers 24:45 64th
Emma Fairchild 25:07 66th
Anna Paine 25:31 68th
Kelly Nugent 25:35 69th
Gracie Gumbel 25:37 70th
Cameron Lindsay 25:48 71st
Emma Strieter 26:13 73rd
Lilly Betts 27:46 81st

Coach Dave Gerlach’s Comments: “THe first Tuesday meet of the year is a tough one. Tough to get fired up in the second week of school after sitting in class all day. Lots of tired bodies today, but they came out and did their job today. Reagan took control right from the gun today. She was determined to go out and win right off the bat taking the pace out hard early. The rest of the Varsity went out and felt the pace and really turned up the heat in the second mile. They worked together and broke away from the pack in the middle mile. The weather was warmer today after several days in the low 60’s which played a roll in some tired legs. This was a true team effort with a perfect score of 15pts against both Novi and Hartland.”

Next Up: Holly Invitational on Saturday September 15th