Girls Varsity Cross Country · Salem Girls XC Upsets Wildcats to Win P.C.E.P. Park Championship

  Place Points
Salem High School 1st 26
Plymouth High School 2nd 29
Canton High School 3rd 31

at Willow Metropark

1st Salem 26pts (2,4,5,7,8,12,14)
2nd Plymouth 29pts (1,3,6,9,10,11,13)

1st Salem 24pts (1,3,4,7,9,11,12)
2nd Canton 31pts (2,5,6,8,10,13,14)

Olivia Millen 18:54.7 2nd
Isabell Kulick 19:12.3 5th
Marissa Henry 19:34.7 6th
Kiersten McBride 20:26.0 10th
Grace Landon 20:39.8 12th
Elizabeth MacLellen 21:06.7 17th
Abby Siddall 21:23.7 19th
Maddie Price 21:41.2 24th
Gracie Gumbel 21:42.2 25th
Elizabeth Dancey 21:45.6 27th
Anna Swisher 21:53.0 29th
Emma Fairchild 21:58.6 31st
Samantha Rousseau 22:03.7 33rd
Esha Bingi 22:14.4 35th
Madeline LaForest 22:14.8 36th
Sophie Jeffers 22:20.8 38th
Mackenzie Zapinski 22:33.6 40th
Iris Ding 22:34.5 41st
Anna Paine 22:35.7 42nd
Kylie Machacek 22:54.6 45th
Brooke Kalis 22:58.7 47th
Mya Kim 23:10.8 52nd
Gwen Pratt 23:12.8 53rd
Mary Kelly 23:16.3 54th
Zoe Kerr 23:27.6 58th
Megan Kelly 23:28.8 60th
Mary Andrews 24:12.5 65th
Sahithi Nalamothu 25:16.6 71st
Charlotte Tabor 25:22.3 72nd

Coach Dave Gerlach’s Comments:
“Park Champions for the 11th straight year! So incredibly happy and proud of our girls. We knew coming in that Plymouth was the favorite. They are incredibly talented and just won the County Championship on Saturday. Running head to head is different than in an invitational. We knew approximately where their scorers were going to finish and challenged our team to go after their scorers from the start. Then it would become o battle of who wanted it more. From the start, they had this look in their eye, a focus and they accepted the challenge. Once again Olivia, Isabell & Marissa were top notch as usual. Their competitiveness is second to none. Kiersten had her best start of the season and was in the race from the start. Grace gave it her all and dug real deep the last half mile. I knew she was struggling but battle two Plymouth girls all the way to the end. It was awesome to see the determination on our girls faces and go after Plymouth’s 4, 5, 6 and 7 runners. Congratulations Rocks on your hard work and determination!”