SOSA Overview

SOSA (Student Organization of Salem Athletics) is the student-athlete leadership group that started in the Fall of 2014 at Salem High School.   Modeled off of NCAA student-athlete advisory committees, SOSA focuses its efforts on three areas:

  1. Development of Student-Athlete leadership at Salem High School
  2. Increased school spirit
  3. Community Outreach

Organization Specifics

Two to three representatives from each varsity program are selected by head coaches and athletic department staff.  Student-athlete representatives adhere to the following requirements:

  • Able to attend 90% of all meetings (both large group and individual color groups)
  • Able to fulfill all requirements for coach appreciation days
  • Complete two community services events per semester
  • Complete one “SOSA Service” event per semester
  • Complete three “Salem Strong” events per season

Mid year evaluations are completed by the executive board and athletic department staff.  At the end of the year, each representative must complete an essay including:

  • What he or she learned
  • How he or she developed leadership skills
  • (If returning) Why he or she should be selected by his or her’s coach again as a representative

Group Meetings

Small Group Meetings (Color Groups) are held based on the necessity for current projects.  All team members are present, and meetings are often held outside of the school day.  Large Group Meetings are held once per month and include all color teams.