Team Competition Standard

SALEM GIRLS XC TEAM “Competition Standard”
1st year Athletes:
Must run 4 miles under 38 minutes 
(9:30 minute mile pace).
2nd through 4th year Athletes:
must run 4 miles under 36 minutes 
(9:00 minute mile pace).


 We are not a running club. We are a high school varsity program. The team standard will hold athletes accountable to train in the summer and make our competition teams a priority if they truly want to be a part of the programs. Season training and supervision is a huge issue when anyone is allowed on our teams.
Even going out for a 6 mile training run, we have some kids finishing in 40 minutes and others in an hour plus. That spread out is a supervision liability. Having a team standard shows that we care about the success and safety of our student- athletes of the program. Making the competition standard is an honor and kids will have some pride in being a part of the programs. Being a part of our programs should not just be a right (Non-cut” sport), it should be a privilege where student athletes earn their part as a team member. Athletes that have to “Earn” something will work harder in the off-season than Athletes that are just “given” something. The standard will also help in a liability, safety situation where faster kids take 45 minutes to run 6 miles and others take 75 minutes. Cross Country is an endurance sport. Four miles on the roads where the athletes have trained all summer is a very fair assessment.
In order to attend training camp due to liability/ intensity issues, athlete must be able to run the tryout loop under
40 minutes, attend at least one fitness check and log at least 130.2 summer training miles.
Athletes that fail to meet the team competition standard, but would still like to be a part of the
Salem Girls Cross Country Program, will be offered a managerial position or continue to train on campus
or at home (Parental Supervision) until the team competition standard is met.
These athletes will not be permitted to compete until they meet the team competition standard.
2nd-4th year athletes with a Physician documented medical condition & in good standing with the team
(Work ethic, no missed practices, positive attitude) must only break the 38 minute barrier standard.
Salem bus loop stop sign to Canton bridge to track path, out gate to Bartlett & turn right. Take Bartlett (Mile 1)
to Beck & turn left. Take Beck to Warren & turn left. 
Take Warren 
(Mile 2) to Canton Center & turn left.
Take Canton Center 
(Mile 3) to Joy & turn left. Finish at Salem Rock (Mile 4)
COURSE RECORD:  Hannah Cavicchio   24:42.0  2006

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