As everyone knows, no team or organization continues to function at a high level without additional funding. Due to the costs involved in this sport and the many opportunities involved, we as a team have been forced to fundraise in order to keep our many traditions and opportunities functioning. In the past, we have asked that each athlete either fundraise or donate $60.00 to the team, each season, in order to keep these opportunities afloat. We as a program will do this through a Fundraising program or donation. Each athlete will be required to fundraise or donate $60.00 for the team. 1st year athletes that do so, will receive a team warm up jacket. Athletes that raise $60 will receive one free ticket to the team banquet at the end of the year. For every $20 profit earned over the $50, athletes may earn required Nike racing spandex. For every $20 profit earned over the $60, athletes may earn additional banquet tickets. Further incentives listed below.

Below is a list of our fundraising opportunities and results of those opportunities.
Any team donations can be made to the attention of
Salem Girls Cross Country and sent to 46181 Joy Road, Canton, Mi 48187.
All checks must be made out to P.C.C.S. with Salem Girls Cross Country in the memo line.

Thanks for your help and support.
Go Rocks!

Expectations of Program Families
Fundraise or donate $60 for the program.
Volunteer to help at the two major competitions we host
(Rambling Rock & Wayne County).
​Help with food or drink donations during season at competition meet treats.
Fundraising Breakdown
Summer Fundraising Profit (May, June, July)
Directly back to athlete toward Training Camp or Banquet Costs.
Season Fundraising Profit (August, September, October)
Back to athlete toward $60 fundraising donation & banquet tickets.
Post Season Fundraising Profit (November – April)
Back into general team account.g
Program Fundraising Opportunities
(Proceeds go toward Program Costs Below)
Ramblin Rock Invitational – Host
Wayne County Championship – Host
QSP Magazine – 2 booklets
Season Booster Sponsored Fundraisers g

Summer Fundraising Opportunities
(Proceeds go toward Camp or Clothing Costs)
Captain’s Bottle Drives
Car Washes
Comedy Club Show
14 Hour Relay

Booster Fundraiser Opportunities
(Proceeds go toward Team $60 Booster Fee)
Fan Shirt Fundraiser
Snap Fundraiser
L.C. Pizza Kits
Fun Pasta Fundraiser
Money Donations

Athletes Costs
P.C.C.S “Pay to Play” Program = $385.00
(One Time Fee per year for unlimited sports)
Salem Girls XC  Booster Fee = $60.00
Team Training Camp (If choose to attend) = $250.00
Banquet Tickets $25 ($20 preorder)
Team Clothing Order = $???
(Depends on Order)

Program Costs
Team & Alumni Picnic Stuff
Miscellaneous Equipment   Summer Training Tank Tops
Food at different picnics & functions 
Transportation Costs
Offset Cost of Warm Up Suits ($70)  
Coaches Camp Cost
Banquet Awards, gifts, decorations & food    
Bumper Stickers
Team & Alumni Flowers for Different Occasions
Sibling Camp Discount ($15 off for camp fee for each sibling )
Financial Assistance to needy athletes for supplies

2020 Summer Bottle Drive Schedule
Tuesday June 16 at 6pm at GRACIE GUMBEL House
Monday June 22 at 6pm at GRACE LANDON House
Monday June 29 at 6pm at REAGAN JUSTICE House
Monday July 6 at 6pm at ANNA SWISHER House
Wednesday July 8 at 6pm at         House

Tuesday July 14 at 6pm at MADDIE PRICE House
Monday July 20 at 6pm at MADDIE LAFOREST House
Monday July 27 at 6pm at ESHA BINGI House
Wednesday July 29 at 6pm at SOPHIE JEFFERS House
All athletes are encouraged to participate.
Make sure the senior leader in charge logs your name.
Profit divided between all girls attending drive that evening.
Money is taken off camp cost and calculated in chart.
(Money will be taken off camp cost and posted on website)

2020 Car Wash Information
Saturday June 27, July 11, July 18 & July 25
Sunday June 21st 
Mobil Station at Warren & Sheldon.
Time: 9:45am until 4:00pm

Sunday July 12th
Mobil Station at Warren & Sheldon.
Time: 9:45am until 4:00pm
Sunday July 19th
Mobil Station at Warren & Sheldon.
Time: 9:45am until 4:00pm
All athletes and family members are encouraged to attend.
Limit of TWO immediate family members over the age of 12 for credit.
Athletes receive full credit per hour and family members  receive half credit for time worked.
2020 Comedy Club Show Information
Friday August 7th, 2020
Big Tommy’s Comedy Club 
40380 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI 48375.
Located inside Big Tommy’s Parthenon restaurant.
Time: 8:00pm Show  Ticket Price: $20
For every ticket sold, the athlete will receive a profit and reduction in camp/ booster fee cost of $14. Salem girls XC can sell up to a total of 150 tickets.
Sales of the tickets will be from Monday July 13th – Saturday August 1st.
This is a adult (Over 21) event and evening out.
Cash or checks (Made out to P.C.C.S. with Salem Girls Cross Country in memo line) may be turned in to Coach Gerlach. Once money is turned in,
Coach Gerlach will give the tickets to participating family and log into chart.
NOTE: Fine print rules by Comedy club: $5 or two drink minimum during the show.
Tickets are non-refundable.
Summer Fundraising Results


Season Fundraising Results



Booster Club Information

Information Page

14 Hour Relay Fundraiser

 Pledge  Sheet

Scheduled for Saturday August 1, 2020 from 9:00am until 11:00pm
at the PCEP Varsity Track.
All athletes and family members please arrive before 8:30am.
Athletes can get pledges per hour, mile or flat amounts.
Make checks out to individual athlete.
Athletes must stay in the fenced area all 14 hours unless a parental note
is giving to the coach.
14 hour relay pledge sheets will be available at the first parent meeting
through out the summer.
Sign up sheet for donations of food and drink will be at parent meetings.
Final Camp Sign Up will also occur at this event.